What is Hemp?


The term "hemp" refers to a variety of Cannabis Sativa that contains virtually no THC, less than 0.3%,  the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The crop has over 25,000 industrial uses including being a wonderful addition to wine.


Did You Know?

  • Industrial hemp has been grown in the U.S. since the first  settlers arrived in early 1600’s.
  • The Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper.
  • George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams all grew hemp.
  • Hemp was a staple crop of 1800’s American agriculture, reflected in town names like “Hempfield” and “Hempstead.”
  • During the 1930’s hemp was lumped under the umbrella of “marihuana” and made effectively illegal under the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act, a law that required farmers to register their hemp crops. The next year Popular Mechanics named hemp The New Billion Dollar Crop.
  • During World War II, hemp was of such necessity to the war effort that the USDA  encouraged farmers to grow hemp for the war effort. More than 150,000 acres of hemp were cultivated as a part of the USDA’s “Hemp for Victory” program.  
  • In 1970 industrial hemp was classified as marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act. Hemp farming in the U.S. became illegal as the rise of synthetic fabrics and fibers skyrocketed.



  1. Is it legal? Yes, we have received all approvals necessary to sell our product containing hemp seed oil in the USA, where ever wine can be sold.
  2. Will I test positive for drugs? Not from our wine you won't. This product contains 0 THC.
  3. What are the benefits of Hemp Oil? While we can't make any health claims, we encourage you to do your research. Click the link below to start.